Market Report: Spring 2014

RPI Summary

Annual RPI for March 2014 stood at 2.5%, the lowest since December 2009 down from 2.7% at December 2013 and a whole 1% below the figure for April 2013.

Big movers amongst the commodities tracked were: pork down over 3.5% since December 2013 and fish, in the opposite direction, down over 2.5% for the same period. For the rest, cereals were slightly down, beef and dairy were up (1.2 % and 1.75% respectively)

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Market Report: February 2014

RPI Summary

Annual RPI ended 2013 at 2.7% – having remained pretty static since falling under 3% in October. This after spending the prior 9 months (from January through to September ) at 3% to 3.5%.

Of the other commodities tracked; beef, fish and cereals all suffered a mini upward blip in price increases during November before tailing off in December. Dairy, meanwhile, dipped in November whilst pork fell sharply to finish the year down -1.2%.

Food and catering RPI has fallen steadily over the last quarter from 3.6% in September down to 2.1% in December.

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Health and Vitality Honours – Roll of Honour 2014

Partners In Purchasing (Jan 2014) are once again proud to be included on the prestigious roll of honour for this initiative that recognises those businesses that showcase best practice and help create a greater transparency on the social issues of health and nutrition throughout the foodservice supply chain.

Thought leaders …. we are always looking for opportunities to encourage people and organisations to make the link between the food that we eat and performance at work and it is great for us to be recognised as thought-leaders in this field.

Strategy … our strategy is simple: educate and engage with our clients and their workforce and highlight and promote their success stories. In addition, ensure the core messages of well being at work are continually communicated to our key opinion leaders within the media, business and the catering sector through press articles, events and bespoke projects.

Results … we help our clients actively consider and improve the heath and vitality of their most precious commodity – their people. What’s not to feel good about!

Market Report November 2013

RPI Summary

Annual RPI has remained relatively stable throughout the last quarter reflecting a similar pattern to the last 12 months and ended the year to September at 3.2%. As you can see from the graph, this contrasts sharply with the high fluctuations across all the core food commodities tracked.

Food and catering RPI is drifting upwards and was reported at 3.6% for September.

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Is nurturing wellbeing in your workforce the way forward for office productivity?

It appears we may be on the verge of a radical transformation in the way office environments function and exist as boosting productivity does not entail refilling your coffee cup. This new thinking centres on the concept of nurturing wellbeing within the workforce partly through stimulating the mind and body in ways which leave employees feeling energised and productive.

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