Procurement support

Outsourcing your catering procurement function can deliver significant cost reductions.

What are the benefits?

Many of our clients don’t have the time or internal expertise to be able to manage their catering suppliers efficiently. They are unable to devote the sufficient resource to ensure they scour the market for the finest products at the keenest price. Our clients realise that considerable savings can be made in the long run as a result of paying more than they should be.

How does procurement support work?

Your account will be managed by an experienced PIP executive who will:

  • Discuss your requirements with you and provide recommendations
  • Regularly benchmark suppliers
  • Assess commodity groups against market indicators
  • Review tenders and bids against alternative suppliers
  • Review costs against independent monitoring organisations
  • Negotiate deals with current and potential suppliers and realise savings on your behalf

Our procurement support service ensures that the prices you pay reflect the best available in the current market place. Your PIP account manager will regularly review your portfolio with you. They will revisit suppliers to verify the produce, products and service standards.

Next steps

You are provided with regular updates underpinned with face-to-face consultations, site visits and coaching on best practice within the market place. An additional benefit to the meetings is that we share our acquired knowledge and experience with you on an ongoing basis.

Great value

For clients who seek to retain the accountability of paying their suppliers directly, the Managed Purchasing Portfolio is the most cost effective option. We provide you with full reporting. You can track your monthly savings, review product price movements and access turnover reports showing total spend to date with suppliers.

Sharpen your prices

PIP procurement support experts ensures that you benefit from reduced costs without compromising the quality. For more information on PIP Procurement Support, contact Diana Spellman on 0207 410 7536 or Anthony Adams on 07767 340 540