Tailoring menus to suit your guests’ every needs

Top priority

If you are running a healthcare facility, creating a nutritious and nourishing meal  experience for your patients is a top priority. Costs can become a challenge with high levels of waste and long service periods. Keeping a keen eye on the costs of food ingredients and related supplies is paramount.

Fine food and fair prices

Family members want to be reassured, that their loved ones are receiving the best ingredients and fresh produce for reasonable prices. PIP can ensure the best is sourced and delivered to you cost effectively. Many of our clients tell us that they want their patients to feel as well provided with their food as they do from their medical care, but sadly don’t have the time or resource. They turn to PIP to provide the same level of excellence from their ingredient’s and meals to fill the gap.

Quality assurance

PARTNERS IN PURCHASING can create a bespoke procurement strategy that caters for your needs, increasing quality while cutting your costs. We understand that quality is the cornerstone of a healthcare business like yours. We use accredited, trustworthy and reliable suppliers whom we monitor constantly. You can be confident that your exacting standards will be met at all times.

Tailored menu planning

Our tailored menu planning service will help you save time, implement allergen and nutritional essentials and curtail waste, while keeping a lid on your expenditure. In fact, most Clients have been able to trim down costs in their annual catering spend by 15-30%.

Streamlined purchasing supply chain

In addition to equipping and maintaining your kitchen in the most cost effective and time efficient manner; we can help you consolidate your supply chain by procuring your janitorial provisions, too. As with our catering contacts, all our suppliers comply with the latest environmental, health, hygiene, allergen, nutritional and safety standards.

To find out how PARTNERS IN PURCHASING can start reducing your costs that augment and maintain quality, contact Diana Spellman on 07768 720093.