Event and leisure catering

Purchasing flexibility to provide the finest overall experience


Entertaining demands a high level of attention to detail from all members of the team. There are countless elements that need to be brought together to pull off a successful function and this requires an enormous amount of time, focus and organisation.

‘Outsource’ the stress

With our purchasing experience, we can alleviate some of the pressure and bring structure to your event. Whether you are organising a year-end function, client entertainment, a cocktail party, a high profile banquet or an intimate business lunch, let us take care of your catering procurement for you.

Optimise your menu

Perhaps you want to enhance or even pare your menu down yet still deliver premium experience? Or maybe you want to serve only locally sourced ingredients? We can advise you on the most appropriate menu to suit your needs, your occasion and most importantly, your budget.

Our trusted supply chain guarantees the finest ingredients, freshest produce and products at the most competitive prices. Partners In Purchasing can also plan and consolidate your logistics so that every element is considered and taken into account.

Maximise your resources

With our guidance, you can control your margins and maximise your resources to present the best event possible with the utmost efficiency. Tariff led planning is much easier with a holistic view of the marketplace; as a result client regularly turn to PIP to identify and source ingredients for their corporate functions.

To find out how Partners In Purchasing can cater to your needs and control your costs, contact Diana Spellman on 0207 410 7536.

Eye for detail – photograph © Bruce A J McLauchlan