Banqueting and restaurants

Quality, provenance and excellent value for money

Locally sourced

Like many of our clients, we believe in supporting the economic, environmental and social health of the communities we operate in. We source sustainably locally produced ingredients for restaurants and dining facilities throughout the UK, at preferential prices.

From pasture to plate

Outsourcing your procurement function to us enables you to access a reliable supply chain of local producers who adhere to environmentally sound and socially responsible practices. Their provenance includes endorsement from organisations such as the Soil Association, LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured welfare standards as well as Food For Life and Eatwell Guide programmes.

Streamline your supply chain

We work with you to identify and select the suppliers that suit you best. In addition to ensuring they comply with the highest health and safety standards, we track and monitor their prices to ensure they always offer you some of the keenest prices in the market. We can help you to renegotiate existing supplier relationships where necessary, as well as consolidate your supply chain to minimise risk and ensure you get maximum value from every penny spent.

Increasing your profit margin

PIP can provide the most appropriate ingredients for your restaurant or dining facility from reliable companies at the right price. We work with your team to enhance your profit potential through margin control and a recipe costing analysis.

For a procurement partner that offers all the right ingredients – locally sourced produce, a consolidated supply chain, and maximum profit potential – contact Diana Spellman on 07768 720093