Market Report Jan 2013


The last quarter has been a turbulent one in most markets due to adverse weather conditions, particularly in the US. Pork prices hit a high in December of 13.4% after a period of relative lows from July to October. Beef has seen a steady decline since a peak in May finishing at a low of 6.8% representing an overall drop of 3.8% from December 2011. Dairy prices have moved back up after plummeting in August and finish the year at 0.9% whilst Fish and Cereal prices have fluctuated significantly, finishing on 4.5% and 2.9% respectively. Overall, however, the total RPI has remained fairly constant ending the year on 3.1% and maintaining a year average of 3.6%.

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Market Report November 2012

RPI Summary

The grain and cereals markets have experienced a  rise in price since their low of 1.5% in July, however, these figures are yet to account for droughts across the US Corn Belt that have downgraded maize forecasts meaning that a much greater increase in prices is expected. Elsewhere, EU milk production has continued to fall seasonally, leading to a rise in dairy product prices.

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Report: Managing the Complexity of Corporate Responsibility in the Supply Chain

A company and its brand are only as good as the decisions its people make and the suppliers it uses. As many of the banks have found out to their cost, poor decision-making by key staff can be – quite literally – fatal to the business.

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Nuffield Report 2006

“Exploring how British farmers can develop a brand to market their produce to foodservice”

The aim of this study was to raise awareness among farmers of the potential for foodservice to become an alternative or additional trading channel to their current routes to market and therefore a viable and profitable revenue stream. Continue reading