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December 2016

Market Report: Autumn 2016

Welcome to our collection of items of news and interest from the last quarter and review of the previous year.

RPI Summary

The annual movement for overall RPI has crept up slightly during the last quarter (1.6% in June to 2.0% in September) which reflects, apart from the odd blip, a slow but steady rise since October 2015.   Despite a significant downward spike of 6% between April and May (-5.5% to -11.5%) pork has returned to a gentle upward incline settling at -4.3% in September but still lower than June.  Elsewhere, beef was the only other reported commodity that showed a downward turn for the quarter (-5.2% down from -2.6%) with all others, despite some fluctuations, posting increases.  Looking forward, varying degrees of doom are being forecast by pundits across the board.  What we can say though, with reasonable certainty, is that there are tough times ahead!

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