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June 2016

Market Report: June 2016

Welcome to our collection of items of news and interest from the last quarter and review of the previous year.


Overall, annual RPI has risen again by 0.4% for the second consecutive quarter to 1.6% (this versus 0.9% for March 2015). Excepting beef (down 2.1% to -2.4%), all other tracked commodities have risen – in stark contrast to the last quarter when all fell. The biggest climber was pork (up 3.2%) with, in descending order, fish, cereals and diary posting increases of 2.5%, 1.5% and 1% respectively. That said, all are still sitting below the 0% mark. Looking at both the last quarter and the last 12 months no clear patterns are emerging but we’ll be sure to see an impact following the EU vote – one way or another – next time round.

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