Educational establishments

Feeding and nurturing young minds is a highly specialised service.

A challenging task

Not only do school meals have to meet national nutritional standards, they also have to be attractive to pupils across a range of age groups – quite a challenging task for the caterers.

Meeting nutritional guidelines is a piece of cake

Our clients benefit from assistance managing their budget and the school menu to meet all the government nutritional guidelines. We help tailor your offering to meet the needs of students requiring special diets, for example vegetarian, or diets dictated by ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs.

With our support, you can offer a service that will consistently receive high culinary acclaim using fine quality ingredients and maintain excellent standards.

Create a nurturing environment

You can also make meal times an enjoyable and comfortable social activity; helping to create an environment for learning to take place by meeting your pupils’ nutritional needs.

We maximise supply chain efficiency through for you through supplier consolidation, which helps us to control costs while ensuring freshness, availability and maximising quality.

Cooking from scratch

Wherever possible, our purchasing strategy supports creating meals from fresh locally sourced and ethically produced basic ingredients, giving your caterers more control over the quality and nutritional value of “school dinners”.

For a specialised catering procurement partner who offers you everything including vitamins from A to Zinc, contact Diana Spellman on 0207 410 7536 or Anthony Adams on 07767 340 540

Eye for detail – photograph © Bruce A J McLauchlan