Corporate dining

Quality catering in-house on a sensible, manageable budget

Understanding the challenges

We understand the challenges you face keeping in employees and corporate guests excited by the daily service in your dining rooms.

Your corporate dining services employ extensively trained and experienced chefs as well as dedicated kitchen staff – we can help them concentrate on the work that you employed them to do: preparing nutritious, top quality meals in a pressurised environment.

Your purchasing function, on a silver platter

Strategic procurement for catering operations is our core business. We have extensive knowledge and experience of how to keep the levels of waste to a minimum while, at the same time, maximising your kitchen essentials. We can assist your catering division to achieve the best quality presentation and food preparation – because they won’t have to worry about any procurement issues.

We work closely with procurement team to manage the various cost areas of your kitchen and ensure we are always fully accountable. We provide total quality assurance and transparency: we have achieved our control procedures through 12 years of experience and our expenditure records are always available to view. ?

Become more flexible

We also know that apart from providing wholesome meals at regular times, the nature of many corporations means that quite often circumstances sometimes demand an unscheduled and rapid response from the kitchen. Our approach is designed to allow for such flexibility, so there is no need to worry that our cost and process efficiency would restrict the kitchen in any way.

We are also able to assist in the decision making process, tailoring your supply chain to meet your needs. We know how a procurement process can drive good corporate social responsibility and that creating good social values remains key.

For a procurement partner who makes your catering function work for you, contact Diana Spellman on 0207 410 7536 or Anthony Adams on 07767 340 540